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established in 2017, we are a professional and trusted Devon-based company

From farm security and livestock monitoring to faster 4G internet, Wi-Fi and networking systems, our experience in rural settings is second to none.

West Country Tech was started in 2018 by Tom Shelbourne. Having lived and worked in London, Australia and finally residing in Devon, his home county, working for technology and security companies, Tom has built up a vast experience in the ever-advancing technology sector.

Tom takes great pride in having created a business that has provided peace of mind and ongoing support with transparency through social media platforms, for farmers and rural commercial businesses by installing technology and security solutions. This could not have been achieved without his expanding team of staff members supporting his journey and vision.

We have a long-standing relationship with Mole Valley where in we produce a monthly article for them in the newsletter, where we offer discounts to mole valley customers.

We are incredibly proud of our company and our work

We showcase our installations on social media for all to see, so you can get a real insight of who we are and what we do.

West Country Tech was born out of frustration within the agricultural and rural business sectors from ever increasing theft and terrible internet connectivity. We have fast become the leading provider of farm security and technological systems in the South West. We attribute this to the fact that we specialise in providing technology within the agricultural field, and this ensures a deeper understanding of exactly what is needed within this setting. From day one we have showcased all of our work, including behind the scenes, using all social media platforms to provide complete transparency and trust. We will continue to build a strong reputation amongst the rural community in and around the South West. Providing reliable technology solutions and ongoing day to day social media updates will continue to be the backbone of our business.

Our mission within the rural community is twofold


we increase security with cameras…

Rural crime is on the increase and it can be harder to tackle than urban crime due to being so isolated. We deliver the finest security solutions, and our state-of-the-art CCTV cameras are an invaluable asset to farmers, landowners and rural entrepreneurs in protecting people, livestock, property and assets from potential threats. We assess your security needs and design and install your system providing you with monitoring and aftercare.


we lower the workload with technology...

Our livestock monitoring cameras allow you to keep an eye on your stock remotely and are especially useful during calving, lambing or foaling season. They save you time and money ensuring you are there only when needed and not at all hours of the day and night. We will set them up in the prime position so you can rest assured you know exactly what is going on at all times.

The perfect fit for you

We understand that every one of our customers’ needs is different, we offer bespoke solutions to make life easier and work more productive.

Our team

Our clients include

Case studies

While the majority of our installations take place on working farms or for rural businesses, here are some interesting examples of our work.

Two Farms

One Security and Wi-Fi Solution.

The customer from this farm required livestock monitoring cameras, security cameras, an intruder alarm and faster internet over 2 separate farms.

Farm number 1 had our livestock camera in the calving and cubicle sheds with security, CCTV cameras around the farm mainly looking at entrances and the bulk tank entrance. We installed a smart phone controlled, intruder alarm in the workshop and 4G faster internet in the parlour office. This new faster internet connection was sent wirelessly to two separate properties, which now share the 4G connection. This saved the customer 2 internet connections.

The second farm had security cameras and 4G faster internet, which was also sent wirelessly to two separate properties, both of which shared a single 4G internet connection.

Customer Concerns
Security across both sites
Wi-Fi coverage
Visibility of entrances onto farm
Staff Members wellbeing
Animal Welfare

What We Offered
Initial Chat
Free Survey
Free Quotation
Visit to Showroom
Installation of bespoke system to ease concerns

South West Dairy Development Centre

This is Agri-Epicentre’s dairy farm of the future. It was designed, built and operated to provide a platform to test and demonstrate new and emerging technologies to generate economic growth in the farming world.

We were commissioned to install top of the range security cameras to protect these valuable resources.

Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research is a world-leading, non-profit research centre that focuses on strategic agricultural science to the benefit of farmers and our society worldwide.

We were privileged to install our calving camera, allowing 24-hour detailed monitoring of their calving sheds.

Yeo Farm

We were recently commissioned to install livestock monitoring, smart networking, rural 4G internet connectivity and CCTV at Yeo Farm in Wiveliscombe, Taunton.

By combining these services we were able to improve security and connectivity throughout the farm and connect calving cameras to monitor the livestock.

Parsons Farm

Parson Farm was struggling with a lack of reliable internet connection. We were asked to improve connectivity around the site, and connect the different buildings to create one network.

We started with a single Fast 4G Internet connection, and wifi connectors dotted around the farm site. This gave us a stable and fast network which could support livestock monitoring cameras. We then upped the site’s security with smart notification cameras (which send an automatic alert if they detect unexpected activity) and high-visibility signage to act as a deterrent.

Coulscott House

Holiday let, House and Cottages Wi-Fi solution.

Coulscott House and Cottages is a site we finished just before Christmas and this is one of our holiday let installations. This site has multiple holiday lets comprising of 6 lets in the form of cottages, larger houses that can be split into two, as well as the main house where the owner lives that can also be let out as and when its needed.

As with all of our holiday let installations, we always use a remotely managed, smart Wi-Fi system. On this one specifically we have chosen Zyxel, allowing us to deploy individual Wi-Fi points into Wi-Fi hotspots around each individual let. The customer originally had 5 BT internet connections. We replaced all of these with a single fast 4G internet connection and this is shared across the entire site.

Customer concerns
Discreet Hardware
Wi-Fi Connection in all holiday lets
Required one internet connection to replace the multiple she previously had
A system that could be monitored remotely by ourselves to resolve any issues quickly

What we offered
Initial chat
Site survey
On going, remote support of entire network.

Install description
Zyxel Smart Wi-Fi Points EE 4G Router External, High Gain, 4G Antennae Gigabit network switches

Fingle Glen

Holiday Let Wi-Fi Solution.

Fingle Glenn based near Exeter, required a reliable, fast internet connection for their 24 log cabins. The site does not have a fast BT connection and was relying on guests simply using their phones for connectivity. Ben from Fingle Glenn needed a Wi-Fi connection in each cabin that would allow people to connect the TV’s, their smart devices and laptops to.

We installed a dedicated Wi-Fi access point in each cabin, which also spilled outside allowing connectivity on the balcony and in the hot tub. We achieved this by installing 2x fast, 4G internet connections on a workshop. From this location, we sent the internet wirelessly to each cabin using our secure, point to point wireless link radios.

Customer concerns
No internet available in each cabin
Improving the overall experience of staying at the site
Making it work without running cables everywhere
A system that could be monitored remotely by ourselves to resolve any issues quickly

What we offered
Initial chat
Site survey Installation
On going, remote support of entire network.

Install description
Installation of 2x 4G antennas and routers. Installation of 2 x 90 degree, sector, wireless link radio’s facing 12 log cabins, each side of the site. Installation of a wireless link radio on each log cabin. installation of a Wi-Fi access point in each cabin. Setup a secure, speed capped, remotely managed network.

UK BBQ School


Marcus runs UK BBQ school in Cullompton, Devon. Marcus’s business has grown considerably through his reputation and his prolific social media content. This brings more and more customers to his business location, which in turn, brings security risks as well as health and safety concerns. Marcus got in contact with us to discuss his anxieties and what can be done to give him peace of mind.

CCTV cameras today still offer the traditional features of a security system, which is a deterrent and general recording for health and safety but the cameras we offer will now notify you of human movement and can all be viewed instantly on the smartphone app. We installed 2 x smart notification, turret cameras to oversee entrances and the main BBQ area.

On top of the CCTV system, we also recommended a smart, app-based intruder alarm. This intruder alarm works like a traditional intruder alarm with a keypad and outdoor siren, which will emit if the site is broken in to or the code is entered wrong but like the cameras, the intruder alarm will also notify the smartphone app. This makess the entire site ‘self monitored’.

We feel very privileged to have been able to provide Marcus with one of our smart, security systems. He can now monitor his site from anywhere in the world as well as protect himself should something happen, which would otherwise cause a headache in public liability etc.

Customers concerns
Security when away from site and general filming for health and safety purposes.

What We Offered
Initial Chat
Free Survey
Free Quotation
Visit to Showroom
Installation of bespoke system to ease concerns

Install Description
We shared an internet connection from Fordmore Farm Shop, which owns the land. We installed a 4 channel, CCTV recorder in a lockable, metal enclosure on site. This had 2 x smart notification, turret cameras installed. We also installed an intruder alarm with motion detectors and door contacts. Both the CCTV and Alarm are both controlled and viewable using the smart phone apps making the site entirely self monitored.


Farm Security and Holiday Let Wi-Fi.

Mandy and Andrew Hughes are the owners of a fantastic site called Backswood. Backswood is primarily their home but also offers holiday lets, a nature reserve and an active farm.

Mandy and Andrew initially got in contact with us to increase internet speed and to improve security. After a detailed site survey, we were able to find fast 4G internet, which we could share between the main house, holiday lets and a function room using a fully managed Wi-Fi network.

The security system consisted of smart notification security cameras, livestock monitoring cameras and a gate intercom, which could be opened with a smartphone app, keypad or internal house display located in the kitchen.

Customers concerns
Slow internet Security around the site Knowing when guests had arrived
Livestock monitoring

What We Offered
Initial Chat
Free Survey
Free Quotation
Visit to Showroom
Installation of a bespoke system to ease concerns

Install Description
Installation of a 4G, faster internet solution with a fully managed, mesh Wi-Fi network. Installation of smart CCTV cameras and a gate entry system allowing for 2 way communication using the smartphone app.