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stop intruders in their tracks!

Protect your property and equipment against theft and damage with CCTV and smart notification cameras.

security made simple

Farms, rural businesses, holiday lets and homes throughout the South West trust West Country Tech with their CCTV Solutions. We’ll survey your property, help you choose from a huge range of cameras and install the right CCTV solution for you. Security has never been easier!

Notifications of unwanted people or vehicles

Our systems can follow movement and even deter with the use of sirens and flashing lights. This coupled with high definition cameras ensure that faces and number plates are clearly documented in the event of an incident.

Keep an eye on your most precious assets

Accessing your CCTV system is easy. You can view your cameras at any time via an app on your smart device or any browser. Our app gives you instant access to your live camera feeds, and the ability to search, playback, capture footage and much more.

Take a look at one of our many videos showing a CCTV installation.

HD, wide-angle, number plate recognition, night vision, siren and strobe lights are just some of the features available on our CCTV cameras.

With years of experience in the agriculture, business and private sector, our team will find the right solution for your property, and we are only a call away in the event of a problem or query.

Accurate detection aids fewer false alarms.

Advances in technology mean that cameras can now decipher the difference between valuable footage such as people and vehicles, and false triggers for events such as flying debris or wildlife. This enables faster detection and more accurate notifications.

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Find the right CCTV cameras for you

Smart notification CCTV cameras

Smart notification cameras are perfect for varying working hours. The camera notifies the user of human and vehicle movement at certain times of the day. These times can be customised to your requirements – for instance, the camera can be set to notify you of any movement between the hours of 12 pm-4 am. The camera will only pick up on vehicle and people movement.

PTZ camera

The PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) is used predominantly in livestock monitoring environments. This camera has 100M night vision, 25x zoom, it is full high definition and can spin 360 degrees and look vertically down. The camera can be controlled using the smartphone app and from indoors when a CCTV recorder is installed. In a livestock environment, the camera will zoom into an ear tag on a cow 50M away.

This camera is also perfect for a large outdoor space when general monitoring is required.

Bullet camera

This is a high-resolution camera with a wide-angle lens. The camera records based on motion.

Turret camera

This camera uses deep learning technology to detect people and vehicles. Notifications get sent back to the user via an app on a smartphone. These cameras benefit from high resolution, a wide-angled lens and 30M night vision.

ANPR camera

Our recognition cameras will make a list of every number plate entering a yard or premises throughout the day and night.

Our powerful software makes management easy. You can instantly search for any number plate and record a video clip of the moment it captures.

These systems also allow you to create a black and white list.

The white list can contain stored number plates; allowing gates to be opened. The blacklist can contain number plates that notify you on entry.

Gate intercom with built-in camera

The gate intercom unit is a multi-purpose device that can be integrated with any motorised gate and our CCTV recorder.

With a motorised gate, on pressing the call button the intercom will call an internal 7″ display in the house as well as the smartphone app. A two-way video and audio conversation is possible, and you can open the gate from the home display or from anywhere in the world via the smartphone app.

Integration with our CCTV system records like a traditional CCTV camera, with additional features such as a keypad and fob entry.

Thermal camera

Thermal cameras are very specific cameras to notify users of temperature increases.

This can be for body temperature in relation to Covid, for example, intrusion detection to secure areas and heat detection in environments such as landfill and recycling, where a fire can break out easily.

Maintenance & support

We offer a lifetime warranty service package

from only £29.99pm

This includes: call outs for system failure, ongoing technical support from our engineers and annual visits to clean and update your system.

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