stay connected across your whole property & business

Our Wi-Fi tech gives connectivity to areas you never thought were possible.

Get smart connectivity across your entire property.

Using a combination of wifi, networking and smart solutions we can make technology work to your advantage.

Our smart, remotely managed Wi-Fi solutions allows for roaming ability across large properties, multiple Wi-Fi names with owner and guest security and remote management to lower down time if issues arise. We can bridge the gap to sheds, holiday lets, shepherds huts and any location that requires an internet connection.

Take a look at this video where we take you back to one of our smart,
Wi-Fi installations.

Our 4G internet technology has helped rural homes and business across the Southwest achieve a fast and stable internet connection.

With years of experience in the agriculture, business and private sector, our team will find the right solution for your property, and we are only a call away in the event of a problem or query.

Smart Wi-Fi access point

Our smart, remotely managed Wi-fi access points are installed in all locations where Wi-Fi is required.

In a large property or holiday let scenario, each Wi-fi point can produce multiple Wi-Fi names, each with unique security features. The Wi-Fi points can connect to each other to allow for seamless roaming of mobile devices and are set up for remote management by ourselves.

This lowers downtime and lowers service callout costs.

Remote management

We only use smart Wi-fi technology.

All of our sites, whether it is for domestic use or business are set up to be managed remotely. We can change settings, update items and monitor for any faults that could arise.

Wi-Fi design

We offer free, no-obligation site surveys.

This site survey allows us to determine exactly where Wi-Fi points will be required. All customers are provided with a detailed site plan showing exactly where all Wi-Fi points and hardware will be located.

Split your internet connection with smart WiFi technology

We can separate your main connection from your outbuildings, which is particularly useful if you have holiday lets. For example:

Network One

Family Home

  • High priority
  • Unmetered access
  • Full connection speed
Network Two

Holiday Let

  • Lower Priority
  • Metered usage
  • Slower connection speed

It’s a great way to prioritise your internet traffic and ensure that everyone receives exactly what they need. Our Smart Wi-Fi is controlled by a mobile app so you can make changes anytime.