get notified of intruders, wherever you are

Protect your property from the outside in.

Smartphone controlled intruder alarms

At West Country Tech, we use Ajax for our intruder alarms.

Ajax is the latest and best intruder alarm manufacturer available in the market. All Ajax devices including motion sensors, door contacts, sirens, keypads and many more are all completely wireless with 5-year battery lives. Ajax is all App based for notifications and configurations.

All Ajax items are completely wireless with 6 years estimated battery life. This includes door contacts, outdoor sirens, indoor sounders, keypads, motion detectors, smoke detectors and many more security items. Ajax can be armed on site, with a key fob or using the smartphone App. If the alarm is triggered, the outdoor siren will sound as well as the smartphone app.

View intruders from anywhere

We frequently install our smart ajax intruder alarm solution in farm workshops, liver tack rooms and domestic properties. What makes ajax alarms so unique is its ability to sound a loud siren through the smart phone app. Users are now able to view their cameras and their intruder alarm using their smart phone.

Internal and external sirens, door sensors and motion detectors are just some of the items available in our alarm systems.

With years of experience in the agriculture, business and private sector, our team will find the right alarm system for your property, and we are only a call away in the event of a problem or query.

External Alarm Siren
Internal Alarm Sensor
Door Alarm Sensor
Alarm keypad