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Create a deterrent, get notified that someone is on your Farm and record the incident taking place should the perpetrator continue on to your land.

On arriving at one of the farms where we have installed cameras or an intruder alarm, you are greeted by a ‘CCTV in operation’ sign. First line of defence is trying to persuade someone to turn away when entering your Farm, only if they are not welcome of course. In this case its a large plastic sign with the words CCTV written on it placed at all Farm entrances. At this point the person is either going to turn away or now look out for cameras should they persevere. As long as there is CCTV cameras and they have been installed in a location that can be spotted by anyone entering the farm, then this person can either turn around and leave or continue into the Farm.

If they choose to enter then 2 things start to happen. 1 – they are now being recorded by High definition cameras. 2 – The Farmer has been notified that there is someone on their Farm through the smart phone App. On some farms that have number plate recognition cameras, the number plate gets taken and if its a known number plate based on a created ‘Black List’, then the Farmer will be notified that a ‘Black List’ vehicle is on the Farm. Not only has the farmer been notified, but using the latest affordable cameras, which are being installed on 90% of our Farm CCTV installations, customers now have the ability to press a button using the smart phone App triggering a siren or flash.

Security for Farmers has come on a long way. Once upon a time it was just a sign to try and turn people away at the gate. Then cameras became better resolution allowing faces and number plates to be seen. 2019 brings higher resolution cameras, longer recording times on recorders, cameras that can follow someone, cameras that can move to a location based on another camera detecting movement, cameras that can detect noise, heat detection and cameras that can learn human form and vehicle shape for better notifications. All these solutions don’t come with a high price tag. They are all affordable and are changing Farmers lives.

It’s not just farm security that cameras are installed for. These cameras are now becoming an integral part of day to day life on a Farm. Calving, lambing and foaling cameras, cubicle shed cameras, milking parlour cameras for animal welfare, Bulk Tank cameras for contamination and cameras for to monitor milking robots.

How do I make my farm secure? Easy. We install cameras that can stop people in their tracks, follow them, notify you that someone is there and scare them off using sirens and flashing. This is why West Country Tech have built up a reputation in the farming community for not only making farms secure but saving farmers money, time and making life a little less stressful.

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