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Hi, my name is Amy. I have been invited by Tom to write a piece based on my experience working here at West Country Tech. I am the current Office Manager, helping primarily with the administration side of things whilst doing the occasional bit of marketing and social media content. I was employed on a temporary basis back in the summer to help out until eventually our permanent Office Manager was recruited at the beginning of this year (who I’ll introduce later).

When I came on board, we were a three-person band, with Tom as our Managing Director, Mat as our Lead Engineer and myself in the office. However, due to the sheer volume of work and enquiries coming through, it quickly became apparent that we would need to hire another engineer. So, along came Jack. He came on board shortly after myself, as a Trainee Engineer. Having come from an agricultural background, getting out on the farms was no issue for Jack.

Faced with a pandemic, our working behaviour has had to adapt somewhat. Usually, in the summer months, we would be able to attend agricultural shows, where we’d be able to engage with farmers and potential customers. So, we’ve been almost entirely reliant on social media platforms, namely Instagram and Facebook, promoting our business and keeping our followers up to date with the latest installations and news here at West Country Tech. Alongside this, we had two advertorial boards installed at both the Exeter and Holsworthy Kivells cattle markets.

Before Covid restrictions tightened again, we were fortunate enough to have a staff outing to Firehouse and Eat The Bird (amazing burgers to be had here btw) in Exeter. Our first and only outing! From the moment I joined the team, it has been a very busy and equally exciting progression. We have been heavily focused on promoting ourselves as a ‘brand’, so we can be identified as providing a solution and a well-maintained system, rather than just selling a system.
So, we have rebranded our CCTV signs, had the lovely team at SMITHKIN BAKER completely redo our website and had the very talented Felix Northover Photography do 2 promotional videos for us featuring our installations at Ed Farm Supplies and Yeo Farm. We have more exciting developments in the pipeline too.

Since this, we have been (and still are) in 2 lockdowns. This has been particularly tricky, as we have had to change the way in which we work and form separate work ‘bubbles’ to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers. Providing a solution for an industry that feeds the nation has meant we have fortunately not been impacted by Covid and are busy as ever. With this, came the need to move into a much bigger office (our 4th move since the business started). We are also hoping to utilise this space and make it into a showroom, so customers interested in our services can come into the office and be able to see the hardware we use and ask questions.

Our new Office Manager has started with us now. Helen has come from a strong administrative, managerial background and will be a tremendous asset for the company as we expand and grow. We also have a new Engineer, John starting with us. We are confident that John will bring a lot to the company with his many years of customer-focused service and his wealth of managerial experience.

As I enter my last month here at West Country Tech and my time here draws to a close, I am left with a feeling of sadness. Although I am venturing off to work in a sector I am passionate about, my overall experience here has been wonderful. Everyone with whom I have worked with has been very welcoming and friendly. It has been a pleasure working for an organisation whose sole interest is to ensure the safety, security and ease of those living in the rural communities and to work for a boss who works tirelessly to make this all happen.

I look forward to seeing the business progress from afar and wish everyone the best of luck for the future.

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